Product Category Rules

The use of Product Category Rules (PCRs) is governed by ISO 14025: 2006 Environmental labels and declarations —Type III environmental declarations —Principles and procedures

“Programme operators should facilitate harmonization when developing PCR for a product category by considering the adoption of readily available PCR documents in the same product category and in the appropriate market area. However, there may be valid reasons for developing PCR documents that have different content from those that are already existing. The justification for differing from existing PCR shall be based on the content of existing PCR documents; and shall not, for example, be based on the origin of any particular PCR.

The efforts undertaken to achieve harmonization, the outcome and the explanations for not using readily available PCR shall be reported in the PCR document.”

P3 Optima shall accept PCRs from other Program Operations upon review. 

PCRs Created by P3 Optima

PCR: Sub Product Category Rule for Site Furnishings, CSI MasterFormat, Section 32 33 00

Version: 1.0

PCR Verifier: Geoff Guest, PhD., Ecogamut Consulting Inc.

Program Operator: P3 Optima and Labelling Sustainability

Date: November 11, 2021

Expiration: November 11, 2026

Downloadable PDF: Yes

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